Brandon Jennings has taken to social media to issue a stern warning to Teyana Taylor to stop talking about him and Tae Heckard.

On Tuesday, Wendy Williams asked Teyana if she still speaks to Tae after she “slept with her man.”

Tey responded, “Oh girl, I ain’t seen her since.┬áBut, most importantly, remaining a good person and allowing myself to love again is why I am where I am. I have a beautiful baby, I have a wonderful husband, and I’m just very excited.”

Watch the clip!

Apparently, Brandon didn’t appreciate the fact that his dirty deed is still a topic of conversations years later.

He took to his Twitter page to speak his piece.

The lie is always better. No one cares bout the truth. Now that’s the drama! Shrugs*

I still don’t understand how you can steal someone’s man? ?

People still talking about a situation we let go 3/4 years ago! Let it go like we did. Before we put that phone conversation out.

My last time talking about it. Before it really be drama! And you know my get down

When Karen Civil stepped in to offer clarity, Brandon read her too!
Oop. Brandon was NOT having it today.

Your thoughts?