Boxer Zab Judah Is Awake & Alert After Suffering A Brain Bleed

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Boxer Zab Judah was hospitalized in Upstate New York over the weekend after he suffered a brain bleed during an 11th-round knockout loss to Cletus Seldin on Friday night.

Star Boxing promoter Joe DeGuardia said the fight was so brutal that he had Zab examined following the match and he appeared to be fine. But, that wasn’t the case.

We had Zab go the hospital to get checked. It was a high-volume fight, not a minute to breath kind of fight. Cletus was all over Zab for almost the entire fight. Zab really dug down and showed his champion’s heart.

I saw him at about 2:30 in the morning. He was with his family having food at the diner in the hotel and I was with my staff there. I talked to Zab for about 10 or 15 minutes. We talked about the fight, how he had a great career and how it’s time [to retire]. He agreed.

He said he had a good career and accomplished a lot and that he was proud of the fight he fought against Cletus. He seemed fine. I went upstairs, but later at the diner he wasn’t good and went back to the hospital.

We’re all pulling for him. In boxing, it’s all a fraternity but with Judah and his father (and trainer Yoel Judah) I go back 30 years with them so it hits home.

The good news is Zab Judah was awake, alert, and communicating with his family and doctors on Sunday.

Adrien Broner posted a photo of his friend via Instagram, writing: “Good to see my man @zabjudah doing well ??”

Sending up prayers for Zab to make a speedy recovery.

I agree…it’s time for him to retire. At this point, his health is at risk.


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