Yusaf Mack, the retired boxer who told the worst lie in the history of dishonesty about how he ended up in a gay adult film, is speaking out in an exclusive interview with Fox 29’s Quincy Harris.

TKO: Boxer Yusaf Mack Who Starred In A Gay Porn Admits He Lied About Being Drugged – Says He’s Bisexual

“I’m gay. I’m tired of holding it in. It is what it is. I live my life…I’m gay,” Yusaf admitted.

Yusaf confessed he lied about being drugged when he filmed the porn because he was “trying to cover himself up.”

He went on to say he didn’t know when the tape would be released, but when it was he “couldn’t hide anymore” and he  contemplated suicide.

“I was hurt to myself. I was thinking about my children and how I’m going to explain this to my children. Then, I got with…I called a couple of my friends and said I was thinking about killing myself,” he shared.

But, that’s not the case anymore. The boxer says, “I’m free. I’m happy.”

As far as his relationship with his ex-fiancee, Yusaf Mack admits he was living a lie. “I had a lot of lies for her…I should have came out and told her the truth. But, I’m sorry,” he said.

Now, back to the tape! Yusaf claims when he filmed the porn last year in New York, he actually thought no one in Philly would see it.

The heartbreaking moment of the interview is when Yusaf talked about the conversation he had with his 23-year-old daughter. He told Quincy Harris, “She told me to kill myself.”

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