Billy Dib - 50 Cent


Did 50 Cent Ripped Off Billy Dib For $1M?

Billy Dib claims his pockets are $1 million short after 50 Cent ripped him off.

The Aussie boxer signed a three-year-multi fight contract with the rapper in 2012 thinking his career would go to the next level since 50 and Floyd Mayweather had a huge joint venture. Unfortunately, Floyd and 50’s bromance ended and everything fell apart.

From there, Fiddy was left in total control of Billy’s career.

Dibs claims 50 Cent had no earthly idea what he was doing. On top of that, he only paid him a portion of what he was owed over six fights.

Via Fox Sports AU:

“We have no promotional ties, and thank God I’ve finally gotten away from 50 Cent,” Dib said.

“A lot of people would say ‘Why do you want to get away from 50 Cent, that would be amazing’, but it’s not amazing, it was very disheartening, sleepless nights, you wake up for phone calls and the guy would never answer his phone, it was possibly the worst career move that I’ve made in my life.

“But everything happens for a reason, that was what was written for me at the time, and it’s on to the next.”

The much-hyped deal with 50 Cent was supposed to have taken then world champion featherweight Dib to a new stratosphere in the boxing world, but instead left him hating the sport.

“My career was skyrocketing, things were going amazing, and then unfortunately – and when I say unfortunately I really do mean unfortunately — I signed for 50 Cent, who basically knew nothing about the sport of boxing,” Dib said.

50 Cent stepped up on his Instagram podium to respond to Billy Dibs’ claims.

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