Bow Wow and Funkmaster Flex are font-fighting in the streets of social media.

Walk with me as I give you the Cliffs Notes version of the madness…

On Tuesday night, Flex took to Twitter to announce Bow Wow is “finished” and his music is “trash.”


Bow Wow responded by posting a Twitter poll asking if New Yorkers were tired of Flex and added the only DJ he acknowledges at 6pm is DJ Clue, who works at Power 105.1.

Things escalated pretty quickly from there with a bunch of shade trading and wig snatching between the two. Then, Bow Wow went on to urge Ebro Darden to fire Flex from Hot 97 citing him as the reason why young people have disconnected from the Hip Hop station.

bow-wow-funkmaster-flex bow-wow-funkmaster-flex


After his read, Bow Wow cashed out by blocking Flex on his social media accounts.


Funk Flex - Bow Wow

As far as I’m concerned….


Bow Wow vs Funk Flex


Your thoughts?