Bow Wow Explains Why He's Single On Valentine's Day

It’s Valentine’s Day!

Bow Wow took to social media bright and early to explain why he’s single on the day for lovers.

According to the rapper-turned-actor, he can’t find a woman to handle his complex personality and lifestyle. He also added that he enjoys his freedom.

I am single on Valentines day because i have yet to find a woman who can handle my crazy lifestyle, my ways, and deal w/ my BS. If being single and happy keeps an evil moody nosey ass woman away from me a day then I’m the happiest man on earth! ? i literally can do what i want when i want. Nothing like your freedom and time to do whatever is productive pertaining to your life.

See the post below:


Oh okay. Well…shoutout to the super excited lady photobombing him in the pic.

Your thoughts?