Bow Wow Is Mixed & Doesn’t Care About Voting

Bow Wow‘s tomfoolery never ceases to amaze me, but his latest shenanigans are downright laughable.

During a Q&A with his fans on Twitter, the rapper-turned-actor was asked who’s getting his vote in the upcoming election.

He responded by saying he “really doesn’t care” because “world leaders are controlled by an upper power that no one knows about.”

When someone reminded Bow Wow that his ancestors fought and died for the right to vote, he responded (brace yourselves) by saying, “I’m mixed. I don’t know what my ancestors was doing.”

Peep the tweets below:


Bow Wow tweets

Bow Wow tweets-1

Bow Wow Tweets-2

Bow Wow Tweets-3


To prove he’s mixed, Bow Wow ventured over to Instagram to post a pic…a mugshot…of his “non-black” father.

See the pic on page 2.