Rosario Dawson - Cory Booker

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Rosario Dawson officially confirmed what many of us already knew…she’s dating presidential hopeful Cory Booker.

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This tea was spilled a while back, but now that she could potentially become our First Lady – all eyes are on them.

TMZ caught up with the actress and activist and asked if she were in a relationship with Booker and she responded:

Yes, very much so.

So far, so wonderful.

He’s a wonderful human being and it’s good to spend some time together when we can. We’re busy.

I am just grateful to be with someone that I respect and love and admire so much, who is so brilliant and kind and caring and loving.

When TMZ asked if an engagement was in the near future, Rosario Dawson responded, “I have no idea.”

Watch video below.



Lovely couple. I’m here for it.

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