Disturbing news coming out of Detroit…

Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs discovered the remains of 11 stillborns in a false ceiling of the now-defunct Cantrell Funeral Home after they received an anonymous letter tipping them off.

The building owner, Naveed Syed, said the bodies were inside a crawlspace between the first and second floor of the funeral home.

Nine of the bodies were in a cardboard box and two of them were individually wrapped in a trash bag inside of a small white casket.

Some were embalmed and others were mummified.

Syed told Detroit News:

The bodies were stashed like trash up there. I feel bad for parents who now have to go through more trauma after they found closure.

Even I’m still processing it. Seeing eleven kids, small babies, that’s traumatic for anyone no matter how strong you think you are.

Naveed Syed said he plans to hold a grand funeral for all of the babies after the Wayne County Medical Examiner releases their bodies.

The Cantrell Funeral Home was shut down by state officials in April due to unsanitary and deplorable conditions.

A pop-up inspection revealed bodies were being decomposing in an unrefridgerated garage and a filthy back room. Other bodies were in cremation containers and some were just laying exposed on a table where they had been decomposing for months.

Raymond Cantrell, the former owner of the funeral home has yet to be located and questioned…or charged!




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