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What Would YOU Do In Bobby V’s Shoes?

Bobby V is getting dragged through the streets of social media after a video surfaced online of the R&B singer running out of a transgender woman’s room.

The initial report claimed Bobby found a trans prostitute on BackPage and hooked up with her. Then, he grabbed his things and bolted like Usain because he didn’t want to pay for the services rendered.

Through his rep, Bobby V vehemently denied soliciting a prostitute and stated he had no idea the woman was transgender.

Bobby claimed the person filming him lured him in with malicious deception and misrepresentation in an effort to extort him. 

I spoke with Bobby V’s rep at length about this situation. Because this is an active investigation, I’m not at liberty to share what was discussed.

But, I will say BackPage and prostitution has nothing to do with this situation.

Taking everything I know (well, thought I knew) into consideration – I’m now looking at Bobby’s plight with a fresh pair of eyes.

Let me pose this question: What would you do if you were in Bobby V’s shoes?

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What if you were the victim of “The Crying Game” and truly did not know the person you were getting ready to get freaky with was trans?

The scenario is not far-fetched.

Last Thursday, a former Navy sailor was sentenced to 40 years in prison for the brutal 2016 murder of a transgender woman.

Dee Whigham
Dee Whigham

Via NY Post:

Dwanya Hickerson, 21, said in court Thursday that he and Dee Whigham, 23, had been chatting online for a couple of months but had never met in person. He said they decided to meet while she was in Biloxi with friends.

He said Whigham picked him up at the gate of Keesler and the two went straight to the hotel where Whigham was staying. He said after they had a form of sex at the hotel, she told him she was a transgender woman.

“I lost. I lost it,” he said, saying he really didn’t remember much afterward.

Dwanya stabbed Dee 119 times! That’s pure unadulterated rage and absolutely heartbreaking. My condolences to Dee’s family.

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