Bobby Shmurda’s Bail Reduction Denied For 7th Time

A judge has denied Bobby Shmurda‘s seventh attempt to get his $2 million cash bail reduced to something he can actually afford.

The 21-year-old rapper, who has been sitting in jail since December 2014 on conspiracy to commit murder will remain incarcerated until his next court date set for February 22.

Here’s the scoop via TMZ:

A judge denied Shmurda’s request to lower his bail on Tuesday, a mere month and a half after his family first attempted unsuccessfully to bail him out using their property as collateral.

Spiro told the judge the bail was set so high because Shmurda’s net worth had been estimated at $20 million originally … a gross exaggeration. He says the truth is, the number is closer to $427k and bail should be set closer to the $50-100k range.

Shmurda’s been in the slammer since December 2014 for conspiracy to commit murder.

Spiro says they won’t stop trying to get the $2 mill lowered … even if they have to make the request 55 times.

The Daily Mail is reporting the rapper appeared in court with $450 Bally sneakers on.

Over the past year, his family has tried and failed at least seven times to post his bail, due to the very-high price.

But the judge did not agree, saying he has seen ‘no substantive change’ in Shmurda and is ‘satisfied that the case is extraordinarily serious’.

And that decision may be in part due to Shmurda’s strange decision to wear a pair of sneakers only a wealthy man could afford to the hearing.

The red patent leather shoes by Swiss fashion brand Bally that Shmurda was seen wearing in court on Tuesday sell for $450 dollars at Saks Fifth Avenue.

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