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Now, that the reports of Bobbi Kristina Brown being removed from life support on the anniversary of Whitney Houston‘s passing have proven to be untrue, Bobby Brown‘s sister, Leolah Brown is breaking her silence in an exclusive interview where she confirmed Bobbi Kris is still on life support, but added that her niece is “doing well.”

Leolah told Angelique Proctor when she walked into Bobbi Kristina’s hospital room she was “numb” because “she saw this coming” and she revealed she had warned her niece “not to trust anybody.”

As she continued to talk, it became very apparent that she had an estranged relationship with Bobbi Kris because Leolah has never met Nick Gordon nor did she even know “where he came from.”

When I first heard that he was in the picture I was like, ‘where did Nick come from?’ I worked with Whitney…I lived in the home and he was never there. I never saw Nick.

I lived in Bobby and Whitney’s house, I took care of Krissy…I never ever seen Nick.

Leolah’s words are completely opposite of the claims that Nick Gordon was Whitney Houston’s “adopted son” who lived in the home with them since he was 12. (Somebody isn’t telling the truth.)

Watch Leolah Brown’s interview below. (Click here if video doesn’t load)

With all due respect I don’t believe anything Leolah Brown says. She may be telling the truth, but I doubt she had permission from the family to speak to the media.

Let’s not forget this is the same member of the Brown family who went on a media tour after Whitney Houston’s passing and claimed Ray J was her drug dealer and she told Access Hollywood Bobbi Kristina wasn’t safe because she believes Whitney death was no accident.

In case you need to jog your memory…




As you can see Leolah Brown is and always has been an attention seeker who loves to get her 15 minutes by talking to the media in the midst of a tragedy.

My apologizes if it seems harsh. But, the family definitely doesn’t need her mess right now.

Please continue to pray for Bobbi Kristina.

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