Cassius was decked out in his MJ gear (glitter socks included) and went full throttle on the dance floor showing off his best King of Pop moves.



Cassius’ proud mommy captioned the video, “#best birthday ever #cassius 6th BDay party #MJ theme #we had a blast #he’s my out lil star #Cassius #happiest #Blackcelebkids #blessed”

Diddy’s kiddies, D’Lila Star, Jessie James, and Chance Combs also celebrated with the birthday boy.


Bobby Brown son Cassius birthday party - D'Lila Star Combs - Jessie James Combs- Chance Combs


Hands down, Cassius had the best cake ever!


Bobby Brown son Cassius Michael Jackson birthday cake


But the party didn’t stop there…

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