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Bobbi Kristina’s Estate Sues To Halt TV One Biopic

The estate of Bobbi Kristina Brown has joined forces with her father to block the release of TV One’s biopic about her life and death.

On Thursday, Bobby Brown filed a million dollar suit claiming the film has scenes in it that assassinates his character by painting him as an abusive and neglectful father.

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Via NY Post:

“The movie contains defamatory scenes about the life of Bobbi Kristina Brown,” the movie also “contains defamatory and untrue depictions of Robert Brown being violent towards Whitney Houston…and [there are] scenes suggesting that Robert Brown does not love his daughter or is [not] committed to Bobbi Kristina Brown,” the amended lawsuit states.

Brown — who lost his 22-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina after her husband Nick Gordon found her unconscious in a bathtub in Georgia — claims he has not seen the script to the movie despite his requests.

The elder Brown also claims that he has sold the rights to a movie about his life to BET and the TV One film jeopardizes that project. Brown was initially suing for $1 million but the amended lawsuit seeks $2 million.​

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