The roommate detailed how she came to learn of Bobbi Kris’ alleged drug use.

When I first lived with her I didn’t know that she had actually had a problem with drugs until I had lived with her…for a couple of weeks. But, I guess after a few weeks she just didn’t really hide it.

Danyela Bradley admitted to smoking marijuana with Bobbi Kris, but claims she never indulged in the hard drugs.

She also stated she never saw Bobbi Kristina do crack or heroin, but she could just tell by the way she acted.

“I would just visually see her physical being and I could just tell,” she said, noting that Brown would get “very sleepy, nod off” and “kind of keep to herself” when she did heroin, and would “just be not even talkative” when she did crack.

In Bradley’s deposition, also she said Nick Gordon and Brown had a “very happy, loving relationship,” and then added that he smoked crack “more than her.”

Bobbi Kristina Brown died in a hospice facility on July 26 after six months in a coma. She was 22.

Her estate slapped Gordon with a wrongful death suit accusing him of stealing money out of Brown’s bank account during her hospitalization and physical abuse. The suit also accuses Nick Gordon of beating Bobbi Kris, giving her a “toxic cocktail,” and putting her face down in her bathtub filled with water.

[Bobbi Kristina’s Wrongful Death Suit Against Nick Gordon Basically Accuses Him Of Murder]

Nick and his attorneys have filed a motion to have the lawsuit dismissed claiming it’s filled with unfounded allegations.

[Nick Gordon Files A Motion To Dismiss $10M Lawsuit From Bobbi Kristina’s Estate]

The cause of Brown’s death was recently determined by an autopsy, but the results have been sealed.

A secret grand jury has reportedly been assembled to decide whether or not Nick will be charged with murder.

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