It appears there’s more to the story in Kandi Burruss‘ baby daddy drama with Russell “Block” Spencer.

Block’s ex-wife, Key Montana, took to the Atlanta airwaves and confirmed Kandi was her husband’s side chick and she conceived Riley during their affair.

According to Key, Kandi knew Block was a married man and she even called Key herself to tell her she was pregnant.

One morning, I was sleeping in the bed and got a phone call and it was Ms. Kandi Burruss. She informed me that she was pregnant with Block’s baby and I was like ‘okay cool.’

At first I wasn’t with it, I was like I’m about to leave with me and my kids, yall do what yall wanna do and he didn’t want me to leave…so whatever information that they came up with about the baby, that was on them…like I said I don’t have to keep the baby, I don’t have be involved if I don’t want to…but I actually did!

Key said it’s unfortunate that Block wasn’t a father to Riley, but added that’s one of the consequences of being a side chick.

But that’s what’s expected, you’re a side chick…She should have checked her facts before she opened her legs…everybody was telling her about me. She called me and told me she was pregnant…Girl you knew.
Watch the interview below.


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