Blake Shelton Apologizes For Racist Tweets

When will folks learn that loose lips sink ships, Twitter fingers will put you in a humdinger, and what happens on the internet stays there fo-evah! (Cardi B voice)

Blake Shelton learned the hard way after someone dug up his old racist and homophobic tweets from 2009 and 2011.

In one tweet, the “Voice” judge wrote, “Wish the d**khead in the next room would either shut up or learn some English so I would at least know what he’s planning to bomb,” one old Shelton tweet read.

Another tweet read, “Standing in line at a coffee shop in LA talking with the man in front of me. He orders a skinny caramel latte. I couldn’t tell he was gay!!!”

The country singer took to Twitter on Wednesday for some good ole’ damage control and blamed his crude sense of humor for the offensive tweets. He also issued an apology.

Everyone knows comedy has been a major part of my career and it’s always been out there for anyone to see. That said anyone that knows me also knows I have no tolerance for hate of any kind or form. Can my humor at times be inappropriate and immature? Yes. Hateful? Never. That said I deeply apologize to anybody who may have been offended.

– Blake


Peep some of Blake’s “jokes” on page 2.