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Blackface Or Nah? Kylie Jenner Defends Her Controversial Photos – ‘I’m Happy With The Way God Made Me!’

Kylie Jenner - blackface


While you’re snapping pics in your Easter Sunday outfits and busting down your baskets, Kylie Jenner is defending her controversial pics from a recent photo shoot.

On Saturday, Tyga‘s underaged boo shared a striking photo from her recent shoot with Marcelo Cantu with the caption, “What I wish I looked like all of the time.”

Many found Kylie’s photo to be extremely offensive and accused the youngest chick in Kris Jenner‘s hen house of wearing blackface.

One Instagram user unleashed her contempt and frustrations with the entire Kardashian clan.

Kylie Jenner


When Kylie initially posted the photo, Zendaya was front and center cheering her own, but she quickly rescinded her applause after Black Twitter came for her and “helped her see the light.”

Zendaya - Kylie Jenner blackface
In the wee hours of the morning, Kylie Jenner returned to social media to defend herself and her photos by saying, “This is a black light and neon lights people lets all calm down.”

She also took to her Twitter page to continue explaining herself.

Kylie Jenner defends blackface pics

I’m sure she is happy with the way God made her (after she made a few adjustments to her lips and her butt).

After I did a little digging, the photographer has a series of photos he calls “Metallics” where he’s done similar looks on other models.

Do you find Kylie Jenner‘s photos offensive?

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