Ceaser Avoids Jail Time In Child Support Case

Ceasar of “Black Ink Crew” has avoided jail time in his child support case.

The tattoo shop owner and reality TV star, born David Emmanuel, failed to make his court-ordered child support payments of $360 a week to Crystal Torres.

He was arrested last November (on camera) after racking up over $15,000 in unpaid support for his daughter.

Luckily, Ceasar was able to prove he had made $7,000 in payments. But, he was still behind.

Two weeks ago, Judge Susan Knipps laid down the law by informing Ceaser he had until May 6 to pay the remaining $7,239.62 and if he ever fell behind on his support again again, he would be spending six months of weekends in city jail.

Ceasar’s lawyer, Andrew Plasse, told Bossip, “He’s paid up to date and he’s two weeks ahead. He’s a good father and he loves his daughter very much. Everything is resolved.”

Ceas better stay on point. He doesn’t want to leave Teddy in charge of Black Ink.