Black Ink Crew Chicago Season 4 supertrailer

VH1 has released the “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” season 4 supertrailer and all I can say is: BRUH!

The shizznit has officially hit the fan and 9 MAG family has dissolved like Southside Chicago Thanos snapped his fingers with all 6 Infinity stones.

Ryan spitefully closes the doors of 9 MAG, so those left behind launch a new imprint known as Loyalty Ink.

But, the drama doesn’t end there!

Remember when Don Brumfield took to social media to publicly apologize for embarrassing his wife, Ashley Brumfield?

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Turns out Don may have gotten one of his side-chicks pregnant…..AGAIN!

In the supertrailer Ashley is seen confronting the woman and asks if she’s pregnant. The woman responds, “yes.”


Watch the “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” season 4 supertrailer below.



The shenanigans kick off on Wednesday, May 30 at 8/7c on VH1.


Don reached out to me to let me know he does NOT have another woman pregnant. He didn’t provide any additional information.

So, I guess we’ll have to wait and see when the show airs.