Black Friday Fights 2015
Photo: Twitter

Black Friday Fights 2015

I’ve officially cashed out on Black Friday and all of the foolishness that comes along with it.

But, that didn’t stop other consumers from hitting the streets and brawling for bargains across the country.

Via New York Daily News:

Brawls broke out at Walmart retail stores and other shopping centers across the country on Thursday evening, the official start of “Black Friday.”

In Kentucky, Texas and Louisiana, tempers flared among shoppers as law enforcement agencies struggled to keep control.

At a Louisville mall on Thanksgiving night, shoppers wrestled each other to the ground in a packed food court.

The fracas knocked a woman to the floor as shoppers at Mall St. Matthews gawked at the sight of two unidentified men slapping, punching and tearing at each other’s shirts.

See video of people going HAM, bologna, and cheese on Black Friday.