On why she’s taking legal action:

Well, I’ve talked to Rob, you know about everything. 

I’ve talked to him….the moral of the story is he doesn’t respect me. 

So, if you can’t respect me – you have to respect the law. 

On her relationship with Rob being about revenge: 

No. First of all…that’s not even my character. And I see all of these things on the internet and I never address it because I’m the bigger person. 

Robert came at me. 

On using Rob and the Kardashians for fame and fortune: 

I was already Blac Chyna before the Kardashians. 

On the racy and explicit photos she posts of herself:

I’m going to draw the line…I am Angela White. I’m Blac Chyna. I can do whatever I want – it’s my body.

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