Tyga tried to diffuse the situation by telling Chyna’s mother that she can’t feed into the negative press and pleaded with her to keep the peace for the sake of King Cairo.

Yo gotta stay off social media. All these stories are fake and you should know that. My grandma can barely speak English how would she says all those things. Don’t get up in the games the media tryna get everyone to play. I’ve yet to say any disrespectful about your daughter or u. And I don’t plan on it. There will continue to be lies and fake stories everyday. But try to be the bigger person and try not to resort to talkin publicly about a private family matter.. King is the bigger picture.

Please keep the peace for his sake.

Ironically, Blac Chyna responded to Tyga by telling him to do as he says.

Blac Chyna - Tyga


So, with all that being said….I’m a little confused as to why Blac Chyna couldn’t call, text, DM, or pin a note to King Cairo’s backpack telling Tyga she forgives him rather than putting it….ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

Pot, meet kettle.

Hopefully, now we all can move forward with this tired drama surrounding such a beautiful little boy.

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