Blac Chyna beat Rob Kardashian-2

Blac Chyna allegedly channeled her inner Harpo and beat Rob Kardashian over the weekend.

According to E! News, Chyna took her homegirl’s advice and put hands on her fiancé after a major blow up over the weekend.

E! News has since learned that the fight turned physical prior to Chyna moving out of the house. “She was punching him in his back and arms and was in a drunken rage,” a source says. Kris Jenner’s boyfriend Corey Gamble walked in on their fight “and ripped Chyna off of Rob.”

You may recall Chyna’s friend Treasure advised her to “beat” Rob to teach him how to act right:

F**k it beat him LOL
Mabe that will teach him!
Men that get beat act right
Nah I’m joking

Chyna responded, “I might I’m not playing.”

Blac Chyna - Treasure

Apparently, Blac Chyna has beat Rob Kardashian into submission because he took to social media on Monday and vowed to get help.


Jesus, fix it.