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Blac Chyna Addresses Man Claiming To Be The Father Of Her Baby: ‘I Would Never F**k You!’


For weeks, a man who calls himself “Pilot Jones” has been claiming to be the real father of Blac Chyna‘s baby.

When photos surfaced online of Chyna kissing Jones it fueled the rumors even more. I didn’t bother reporting it for obvious reasons.

On Thursday, Chyna took to social media to address the ludicrous allegations.

The future Kardashian said her alleged baby’s father is gay and the only reason why she kissed him was to make his boyfriend jealous.

Chyna denies any type of sexual relationship with the man she “thought was her friend.”

Read her full post below.

Ok let’s state facts !!!
I been quiet for too long!!!
So JC Pilot Jones whatever the f**k his name is has already tried to put out a story saying that he’s the potential father of my child really N***a ?!?!?!
Let me start off by saying this young man Is “GAY”!!! The only reason we took those pictures other than me trying to be a good friend was so he could send it to his boyfriend to make him like jealous & say that he’s going back to girls! Mind you at the time I THOUGHT THIS WAS MY FRIEND and I didn’t see a problem with it!!! This was over two years ago people!!! I never had sex with him ! NEVER EVER! Nothing ever happened past these pics.

Mind you if you really look at the picture, look at my right hand it doesn’t have my “Future” tattoo next to that the f**king pictures was taken with the ring light!!! Staged Af!
But now I understand why you put these pictures out! Ohhh because you have a song with Trina you trying to get your f**king name popping?!?

Or are you mad at the fact that I did my Chymoji app without you dumbass JC?!?? Your greedy ass wanted a cut of something that wasn’t yours and u came at my lawyer asking for crazy money!!! U really mad?!?! Like you really stooped this low?!?! Coming for a B**ch that’s due in a few days! Really trying to start beef with my Fiancé!!! Your a f**king joke! You just played yourself!
I would never f**k you !
Ur nasty ass f**k !
And everybody knows Chyna LIVES for the Community!
But let’s be for real … ur a dirty ass Punk !!!! You can never join my roster B**CH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welp. There you have it.

Your thoughts?

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