The Birth of a Nation, Nate Parker‘s film about the Nat Turner 1831 slave rebellion saw a $7 million opening weekend at the box office.

Considering the fact that the film was derailed by the renewed attention of Nate’s 17-year-old rape case and multiple theaters in the southeast closing due inclement weather, the film met the expectations of the studio.

Via the LA Times:

The picture pulled in an estimated $7.1 million in the U.S. and Canada, barely meeting analyst projections of $7 million to $9 million. The studio, which expected $7 million to $8 million going into the weekend, is happy with the debut, said Frank Rodriguez, Fox Searchlight’s senior vice president of domestic distribution.

“A ‘disappointment’ would’ve been if we came in with $5.8 million or $6.1 million,” he said, also noting that Hurricane Matthew in the Southeast closed a significant number of theaters where the film was expected to soar. (Rodriguez admits the difference might have been only a few hundred thousand dollars.)

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