Bill O’Reilly Fired From Fox News

Bill O’Reilly better update his resume on LinkedIn because he has been fired from Fox News ending his 21-year tenure.

O’Reilly went up in flames on April 1 when the New York Times report revealed Billy and FNC had paid out over $13M in settlements to five women who claimed he had harassed them.

Rupert Murdock sent out this memo to the Fox News staff about Bill O’Reilly’s exit:

Dear Colleagues:

I would like to address questions about Bill O’Reilly’s future at Fox News. After a thorough and careful review of allegations against him, the Company and Bill O’Reilly have agreed that Mr. O’Reilly will not return to the Fox News Channel.

This decision follows an extensive review done in collaboration with outside counsel.

By ratings standards, Bill O’Reilly is one of the most accomplished TV personalities in the history of cable news. In fact, his success by any measure is indisputable. Fox News has demonstrated again and again the strength of its talent bench. We have full confidence that the network will continue to be a powerhouse in cable news. Please see attached for our new programming line-up.

Most importantly, we want to underscore our consistent commitment to fostering a work environment built on the values of trust and respect.

I understand how difficult this has been for many of you. Thank you for your hard work, patience, and for the great job you all do delivering news and opinion to millions of Americans whose trust you earn every day. I look forward to even more success in the coming years.

Rupert Murdoch

Fox News BEEN knew Bill was grimy! They’re tossing him to the curb now because they can’t sweep his skeletons under the rug.


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