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Bill Cosby Sues His 2004 Rape Accuser For ‘Unjust Enrichment’ – Sues Her Mother, Her Lawyers, & The National Enquirer Too!

Bill Cosby Sues His 2004 Rape Accuser, Her Mother, Her Lawyers, & The National Enquirer

One thing is for certain…Bill Cosby is not going down without a fight.

The legendary actor and comedian has fired back at his 2004 rape accuser, Andrea Constand, by filing a breach-of-contract suit against her, her mother, her lawyers, and the National Enquirer citing “unjust enrichment.”

Basically, the Cos is suing Constand for taking the money from their 2006 settlement only to violate their confidentiality agreement years later when she filed sexual assault charges against him. Now, he wants his money back.

Here’s the scoop via Deadline:

“Despite the strong and unambiguous provisions in the Confidential Settlement Agreement, Defendants repeatedly disclosed information that they promised to keep secret,” said Cosby’s redacted complaint that was filed in federal court late last night. Using the 2015 criminal charges laid against him as wedge, Cosby is going after all the parties for “unjust enrichment, including but not limited to return of consideration paid under the 2006 Confidential Settlement Agreement.”

“As a result of Andrea Constand’s breaches of the 2006 Confidential Settlement Agreement, Cosby has suffered serious and irreparable harm that cannot be cured by money damages and also has suffered substantial monetary damages, in an amount to be proven at trial,” the filing adds.

The February 1 jury-seeking complaint was filed under seal just one day before the comic and actor was in a Pennsylvania court in an unsuccessful attempt to get the trio of felony charges of second-degree aggravated indecent assault against him tossed. But now, as ordered by a federal judge, a portion of Cosby’s latest countermove over the breaking of confidentiality agreements become public Wednesday.

“Andrea and Gianna Constand, both citizens of Canada who are outside the jurisdictional reach of the Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, District Attorney, voluntarily participated in a 2015 re-investigation of Andrea Constand’s allegations against Mr. Cosby,” says Cosby’s 29-page complaint. “Both Andrea and Gianna Constand voluntarily sat for interviews with the District Attorney, even though they were under no legal obligation to do so and the terms of the Confidential Settlement Agreement expressly prohibited such conduct.”

The complaint adds: “Their attorney, Dolores Troiani, voluntarily cooperated with the investigation and turned over her case files from the Underlying Litigations to the District Attorney, directly violating the express terms of the Confidential Settlement Agreement. Defendant American Media, Inc., has published and continues to publish stories regarding allegations against Mr. Cosby made by Andrea Constand and other individuals despite its clear contractual obligations to not publish any stories relating to certain allegations against Mr. Cosby.”

Get more scoop on this story by visiting Deadline.

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