Bill Cosby Headed On Tour

Bill Cosby is planning to turn his mess into a message as he will embark on a post-mistrial tour of town hall meetings and speaking engagements.

Cosby’s spokesman Andrew Wyatt told Deadline, “We have received hundreds of calls from civic organizations and churches who want to hear Mr. Cosby speak at town halls about the issue of criminal justice, how the deal he was given was taken away and the Willie Horton style ad that got the current D.A. in office and after Mr. Cosby. These organizations fear for young men and women today; this is bigger than Bill Cosby.”

Wyatt added, “We have just started talks this week, but Birmingham is going to be one of the cities, perhaps Chicago and Detroit, lots of places.”

Gloria Allred is hot as fish grease about the tour and feels it’s a ploy to sway any future jury pools in his tentative retrial.

“Mr. Cosby’s so-called workshops appear to be a transparent and slick effort to attempt to influence the jury pool from which jurors will be selected for his second criminal trial,” Gloria Allred said Thursday. “Mr. Cosby should understand, however, that this is not about optics.”

Bill Cosby’s tour is set to begin in July.

Your thoughts?

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