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Are Big Sean & Jhené Aiko Dating?

Big Sean and Jhené Aiko have amazing chemistry and their collaborative album as TWENTY88 is pretty dope.

But, what folks really want to know is…are they pint-sized lovers or nah?

In March, we were all pleasantly surprised when Dot Da Genius announced his marriage to “The Worst” singer on her birthday.


Dot Da Genius - Jhene Aiko wedding day pic


He posted a wedding day photo with the caption, ““Happy Birthday to my gorgeous wife. Happy to be on this quest w/ you!!!”

Then, when the news of this TWENTY88 collab was announced, he deleted all of her pics (including their wedding day photo) from his social media page.


Big Sean - Jhene Aiko - TWENTY88 - Flaunt Magazine


Things got even more interesting when the duo did an interview in FLAUNT magazine. Jhené said she was “single” and talked about her first date with Big Sean.

Suspicions went into overdrive on Thursday night, when the singer posted a photo of herself perched upon Sean’s…..lap.


Big Sean - Jhene Aiko


She later deleted the photo when the block got hot.

Apparently, just as Jhené Aiko quietly tied the knot to Dot da Genius…she ended her marriage just as quietly. Real Gs move in silence.

I don’t know a man in his right mind who would chill in the cut and let his wife parlay in other man’s lap all willy nilly.

Jhené Aiko has not confirmed her divorce or her alleged relationship with Big Sean, but actions speak much louder than words or a joint album.

Oh, and never forget…your replacement is always closer than you think.



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