The dance floor is the one place where there should be nothing but peace and fancy footwork.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case on Friday night when one of the Les Twins dancers, most known for killing the stage with Beyonce, got sucker punched in the face during a dance battle.

Les Twins, Laurent and Larry Bourgeios, were participating in dance battle at the Revolution Lounge in Las Vegas.

According to eyewitnesses the phenomenal dancers were talking greasy and taunting their competitors throughout the competition.

At some point, Laurent went over to one of the dancers they had been clowning to peace it up. But, homie wasn’t trying to hear it so he hauled off and punched Laurent dead in the face so hard that he literally did a 360 on his feet.



The event was ruined and the guy who mollywopped Laurent was thrown out of the venue.

I’m sorry Les Twins ended up catching fade, but everyone can’t handle being taunted.

Laurent learned that day. (Kevin Hart voice)