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Some folks don’t care what they say!

Bette Midler took to social media to rejoice over Joe Jackson’s passing.

The patriarch of the Jackson family died on Wednesday, June 27, after a bout with terminal cancer.

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Bette took to Twitter early Saturday morning and wrote:

is d-e-a-d- and Hallelujah!! A monster who ate his own children; like in an old Grecian myth. I hated every minute he lived.

All times are strange but this is really beyond the pale. Would Quincy Jones like to weigh in?? Always interested!!!

See her original post below.


My great-grandmother always told me, “Be mindful of how you speak about the living and be extra careful with how you speak about the dead because your time is coming.”

I’m too through at her inviting Quincy Jones to join in her reindeer games. I think he’s learned his lesson about talking too much.

Bette better be careful with that energy…

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