Many people say that you should not look for love; allegedly, it will find you at the right moment.

However, in the modern world, when we have to devote almost all our free time to work and career, it is hardly worth relying on fate in the search for a loved one.

Sometimes it seems love is so elusive that its search will never end. What to do in this case? Where to find true love?

Places to meet men

Choose places that are suitable for your age and interests.


Social networks and dating sites will help you get acquainted with a man.

Create a flawless profile page:

• make an appointment with a hairdresser, makeup artist, and photographer. Come up with a thematic photo shoot.
• tell about your interests and goals. Write true hobbies;
• be yourself.


Office workers have a chance to meet a soul mate at the workplace. Make yourself look presentable: renew wardrobe, change your hairstyle, add some fashion details to your clothes, and do not forget about daily makeup.

A car service center, car wash, and “non-female” shops

Do not hesitate to ask questions about the change of insurance, the choice of oil, and the “knock” when you turn the steering wheel. An interested man will not miss the opportunity to show off his knowledge.

Workshops and seminars of interest

Scientists argue that the coincidence of interests in a couple is the key to long-term relationships. Conversations on common topics help you discover new things in a person: both positive and negative.

Sports bars, fighting and football matches

This is an ideal place for venturous, sporty, and sociable girls. Choosing your favorite team, identify the best players and ask men about the schedule of matches. If you are lucky to see athletes, feel free to take autographs and pay compliments to the team you like after the game. Relaxed atmosphere and positive emotions will help you to engage in communication.

Exhibitions and auctions

In such places, it is easy to meet an educated man. Connoisseurs of beauty are well versed in the art and rare things.

1. Study the subject of the exhibition. Awareness helps you to start a conversation and keep up the talk with a man.
2. Put on an elegant dress and shoes, take care of skin and hair. An attractive and fresh look will impress any man.

Places to meet women

Men are not always self-confident. Remember the main rule in dating women: do not be afraid to be misunderstood. Look at the places where you can get acquainted with a girl.

Streets and parks

An acquaintance in these conditions requires courage and confidence. Seeing a beautiful girl, do not hurry to rush after her. Observe her actions and mood and pick up a couple of compliments. During acquaintance behave naturally and be yourself. The situation should not bring discomfort to the girl and put her in an awkward position. Your main task is to interest the girl.

Shopping centers and shops

Do you see a beautiful girl choosing shoes? Show your imagination! Introduce yourself as a fashion expert and help her to choose the best ones. Emphasize her slender legs or come up with an element that will complement her image. Well-groomed appearance, good mood, and well-bred speech will impress any girl.

Quick dates

This event is held in the form of short meetings: the interlocutor changes every 5 minutes. Participants choose the candidate they like and mark their choice in the sympathy card. Such a date allows you to communicate directly with a person and exchange contacts in a comfortable atmosphere. Choosing the method of quick dates, do not forget to create the perfect image.

Traffic jams

It’s easy to get acquainted with someone in a traffic jam: you are limited in time, and you don’t have to pick words for a long time. Do not forget business cards or a notebook, where you can write down the phone number of a girl you like.

Public events

When you meet a pretty girl at a concert, think up a reason for a conversation, for example, the icon of your favorite band on her backpack, a new song, or an unusual tattoo on her arm. Do not start with banal or annoying phrases like “you are so cute, give me your phone number.” Self-confident girls do not doubt their attractiveness. It is important that you see something special about them. If you want to find a girl who likes to attend public events, you should learn about Ukrainian women dating.


Beaches or city promenades – wherever you meet a girl, buy a bouquet of flowers, ask her to go out for a cup of coffee, or offer a stroll. Romantic holiday mood calls for change.

Cafes and restaurants

Act immediately if you like the girl at the next table. Choose a light salad or dessert from the menu and write a wish on a napkin. Ask the waiter to point at your table while serving the girl. Unusual wishes and tasty treats will definitely surprise the girl.