Bernice Burgos

Bernice Burgos On ‘The Breakfast Club’

Bernice Burgos stopped by “The Breakfast Club” on Humpday to chop it up about everything from being a teen mom to making $30,000 for a club appearance.

There were many things I learned about the beautiful model-turned-entrepreneur that I didn’t know like she had her first child at 15, she dropped out of school, she’s a mother of two, she was a bartender, she got her first surgical upgrade in someone’s basement, and she’s as down-to-earth as they come.

While chatting with TBC, Bernice did admit she’s disappointed in herself for beefing with Tiny Harris online.

Bernice claims she was never romantically involved with T.I. and that they were trying to see about doing a movie together. Okay. (Jay-Z voice)

The most memorable moment of the interview was when Bernice Burgos accused Angela Yee of talking down on bartenders and video vixens during her interview with Lala Anthony.

Bernice proceeded to try to check Angela. The moment would have been more effective, if Bernice wasn’t loud and wrong. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

Either way – a hit dog will holler. She’s still cute tho.

Watch below.


If she and T.I. were only introduced for business, why did she go so hard at Tiny over a man she wasn’t dealing with?!

Also, there must be some “Come For Angela Yee Challenge” that I don’t know about cause….

Your thoughts?

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