Benzino arrested loaded gun in ATL airport


Benzino was arrested at the Atlanta airport on Tuesday night after a loaded handgun was found in his carryon bag.

TSA agents at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport discovered a 9mm handgun with seven rounds of ammo in Zino’s carryon bag after he placed it on a conveyor belt at the security checkpoint.

Benzino, born Raymond Scott, was arrested and taken to jail where he posted $3,000 bail a short time later.


Benzino mugshot arrested loaded gun ATL airport


After the news broke of his arrest, the former “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star released a public statement via his Instagram account saying it was an honest mistake.

He also provided a few stats to show he isn’t he only person who tried to get a gun past a security checkpoint at the airport.



Benzino also publicly blasted several blogs who reported about his arrest referring to them as “blogging b**ches.”

Scoop | Photos: Instagram