Oh God give me the reason, I’m down on bended knees…

Shawn Stockman of the legendary group, Boyz II Men, took to social media over the weekend to publicly apologize to Sharonda, his wife of 15 years, for cheating on her.

In the now deleted video posted on his Instagram page, Shawn stated:

I just want to let everybody know about some things that have transpired in my personal life that apparently has been around social media for certain people to attack people that I care about.

I’m apologizing on record to my wife about my infidelity…about me doing things outside of the marriage that I’m not supposed to be doing with people who I had no business dealing with.

For them to be as cavalier as to do the things that they did to try to break my family apart.

I’m apologizing on record to my family and to anyone else that I’ve hurt.

See the video below.


Why did his apology feel like he’s only sorry for getting caught? How do you blame others for trying to break your family apart when you’re the one doing dirt?

*Cues “Please Don’t Go”*

Your thoughts?