I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ben & Jerry’s!

The popular ice cream brand has taken a stand by declaring Black Lives Matter on their official website.

The well-written article began by explaining why Black Lives Matter:

Black lives matter. They matter because they are children, brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers. 

They matter because the injustices they face steal from all of us — white people and people of color alike. They steal our very humanity.

Ben & Jerry’s went on to explain why being complicit is not an option:

All lives do matter. But all lives will not matter until Black lives matter.

We ask people to be open to understanding these issues, and not to reflexively retreat to our current beliefs. Change happens when people are willing to listen and hear the struggles of their neighbor, putting aside preconceived notions and truly seeking to understand and grow. We’ll be working hard on that, and ask you to as well.

Read the full article here.

The Twitterverse responded to the Ben and Jerry’s article with #BenAndJerrysNewFlavor and it’s absolutely fantastic.

Peep the tweets on page 2.