‘Belief’ New York Premiere

On Wednesday evening, the premiere of Oprah Winfrey’s forthcoming docu-series, “Belief,” was held at the TheTimesCenter in New York City.

The seven-part series will be a reflective piece focusing on the world population’s relationship with religion, spirituality and belief-systems.

On the red carpet, Oprah shared, “If you can’t stick to a belief when things are on shaky ground, then it’s not a belief. It’s just an idea.”

“I will tell you that there is nobody who gets to be a human being who isn’t going to have dark hours,” she said. “There’s nobody who gets to walk the human path who is not going to have, at some point in your life, something that looks like failure. Belief let’s you know that because it looks like failure, it is just a detour. It’s not the end of the road, it’a just a detour saying, ‘Move in another direction.”

Gayle King, Common, Ava DuVernay, Phylicia Rashad, Evelyn Lozada, and more came out for the red carpet event.

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