I need Jesus to take the wheel, brake pads, rotors, and carburetor in this Paula PattonRobin Thicke drama!

The police were called on Thursday, when a scheduled drop off of their son, Julian, went completely left at a Malibu park.

Via TMZ:

Sources connected with Robin tell TMZ the singer was aware Paula has a restraining order but he never came close to her. The sources say Paula was an hour late and when she arrived she refused to give Julian to the monitor.  Our Paula sources say the monitor arrived at 3:13 PM and she arrived exactly on time at 3:30 PM.

Sources connected with Paula say Robin violated the restraining order and was feet from Paula when she arrived with her son. They say Julian decided he didn’t want to go with his dad and asked her to call 911.

We’re told Paula’s people called the cops, who came to the scene but by the time they got there Paula and Julian had left. When the deputies arrived, our Robin sources say the officers told him a black SUV resembling Paula’s had gotten in an accident. He freaked out and left to find the SUV.

Our Paula sources say she was not in an accident.

Hopefully, Robin and Paula will quickly realize the only person they’re hurting in all of this foolishness is their son.