Blane Salamoni fired - Alton Sterling

Blane Salamoni, the police officer who murdered Alton Sterling in cold blood, has been fired by the Baton Rouge Police Department.

Officer Howie Lake II, who was also involved in the shooting death of Alton Sterling was only suspended for three days. I’m sure with pay.

The police department released the video from Salamoni’s body cam and it is crystal clear that he came to that corner store with every intention of killing Alton Sterling.

Blane Salamoni immediately threatened to shoot Alton in his head. Completely confused, Alton repeatedly asked what he had done wrong while he was accosted by both officers.

Salamoni continued to threatened Alton and eventually shot him multiple times.

As Alton Sterling lay dying on the ground, Blane Salamoni continuously referred to him as a “stupid motherf-cker.”

He even instructed other officers to just “leave him there” rather than taping off the crime scene as if he wanted to show off his kill.

The fact that both of these officers will not face criminal charges is a GROSS miscarriage of justice.