Terrell Suggs Arrested After Car Accident In Arizona

Terrell Suggs was arrested in Scottsdale, Arizona after Friday morning after he was popped for driving on a suspended license.

Baltimore Ravens linebacker was involved in a one-car accident earlier in the night. When the police caught up with him at a Mexican restaurant they learned his drivers license was previously suspended due to speeding tickets and arrested him.

Suggs’ rep released the following statement:

This morning Terrell Suggs was in a single car collision, no one was injured.

Police were called and upon speaking with Terrell found his license to be suspended for speeding tickets.

He was detained by the police and released a couple hours later. Terrell will let the judicial system take its course and fix his license issues.

The Ravens also issued a statement saying, “Terrell made us aware of the situation and we’re looking into it.”

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