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Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh Removes Confederate Monuments

Real Gs move in silence…

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh ordered the removal of confederate monuments saying it was “in the best interest of my city.”

Four confederate monuments were quietly removed in the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday (August 16) while a small crowd gathered nearby cheered.

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Via NY Times:

In an interview here, Ms. Pugh suggested the tense political climate had turned her city’s statues into a security threat and she said that her emergency powers allowed her to have them removed immediately.

“The mayor has the right to protect her city,” she said. “For me, the statues represented pain, and not only did I want to protect my city from any more of that pain, I also wanted to protect my city from any of the violence that was occurring around the nation. We don’t need that in Baltimore.”

In recent days, cities and resident from Gainesville, Fla. to Lexington, Ky., called for their Confederate monuments to come down on the heels of the weekend’s violent clashes between white supremacists and counterprotesters over a Robert E. Lee statue that is set for removal in Charlottesville.

While I am totally here for the removal of the confederate monuments – removing a symbol won’t change the wicked hearts of those who love the praise them.

Your thoughts?

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