LeBron James Jr - Bryce James


It’s back-to-school time!

LeBron James was feeling a bit overwhelmed as his first born, Bronny, and Bryce entered their first day of 6th and 4th grade.

The NBA champ wrote a heartfelt message to his “young kings” via his Instagram page.

Man boys are getting to big on their pops! Man please time slow down some. Flies by before u even know it. First day back to school for Bryce (4th grade) and Bronny(6th grade). What!! Did I just say 6th grade?!?! My first born already in middle school. Smh! Enjoy the growth people with your kids cause if u don’t it’ll pass u right by. To my young Kings(Bryce and Bronny) continue to enjoy the process/journey and know I’ll always have your back! Love! #JamesGang #BackToSchool #StriveForGreatness #RWTW

Too sweet. There’s nothing like a proud and doting father.

I’m wishing all of our ICC Kids a blessed and fantastic school year!