Terrence Howard - Mira Howard - Qirin Love Howard - Ice Cream Convos

Terrence Howard and third wife, Mira, reconcile.

Terrence Howard has to feel like a champ after winning his spousal support battle with his ex-wife, Michelle Ghent.

[Terrence Howard Wins Spousal Support Battle With Ex Michelle Ghent!]

During his court battle with his second ex-wife, the New York Daily News reported the “Empire” star and his third wife, Mira Howard, had quietly divorced two months after the birth of their son.

[Terrence Howard & Third Wife Mira Pak Secretly Divorce After One Year Of Marriage]

But, it appears Terrence and Mira have reconciled. Three days after he defeated Michelle in court, Terrence returned to social media and posted the photo above of his “wonderful family day out.”

When fans started to question the star about his alleged divorce, he responded, “You can’t believe everything you read in the papers.”

Should we not believe the divorce petition either, Terrence?

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