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BABY SCOOP: Malcolm-Jamal Warner Confirms He’s A Father

Malcolm-Jamal Warner Is A Dad

Theo Huxtable is a father!

Malcolm-Jamal Warner took to social media on Thursday to confirm he is indeed a new father.

One of his friends prematurely spilled the tea to the NY Daily News earlier this week:

“I am elated over Malcolm’s new child,” says Phynjuar Thomas, a friend of Warner’s whose daughter Michelle Thomas dated the actor and played his girlfriend on “The Cosby Show” from 1988 until 1990. Warner was by Michelle’s side when she died of cancer in 1998 at the age of 30. Phynjuar and Warner have stayed friends.

“I love him,” she says, adding that the baby is about a week old. “I hope they name the baby after me. Phynjuar is a beautiful name.”

Malcolm-Jamal posted a photo of his boo’s baby bump with the caption, “Yep.”


Congratulations and an early Happy Father’s Day!

Get the Gordon Gartrell onesie ready!

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