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BABY SCOOP: AJ Calloway Welcomes A Baby Girl On New Year’s Day

It looks like Tank wasn’t the only dad having the best New Year’s Day ever!

AJ Calloway and is beautiful wife, Dionne, welcomed their second daughter on New Year’s Day.

The “EXTRA” correspondent announced Ava Claire Calloway‘s arrival saying, “God has done it again! A healthy baby girl on the 1st day of the year! Happy New Year!!!!

According to the proud papa, he threw on his scrubs and helped deliver his precious baby girl.

Daddy threw on his purple scrubs and got down to it, did so much the Doc almost didn’t even do it! Feeling beyond blessed on this 2nd day of 2015! God is working overtime for me, so I pledge to work overtime for God! Unbelievable to feel this much joy again! Have a blessed one people and to all the dads out there make sure you take the time to be a father! Love Live Life

Amy Belle is already taking a hands on approach to being a big sister.

AJ also took a moment to honor his wife, who tackled her delivery like a champ.

I am beyond blessed to have a wife who is so beautiful, strong and compassionate. You tackled this delivery like a champ! You are an amazing mother and our girls are blessed to have you as their mom. What a blessing you are, more than I deserve by far! I will work harder to be the man you deserve. I love you beyond human comprehension and will continue to until the end of time. AC/DC & AB/AC

Congratulations to Dionne and AJ Calloway on their new bundle of joy and sweet little family!

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