Baby AJ Burgess kidney transplant

A.J. Burgess Receives A Kidney

Baby A.J. Burgess underwent a successful kidney transplant surgery on Wednesday and is doing well.

The 3-year-old boy, born without kidneys, drew national attention after his surgery was denied because his father, who was his donor, violated the terms of his probation.

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After fighting through the ridiculous red tape, Emory finally agreed to do the surgery.

But, then the parents received the surprising news that a kidney had become available from another donor.

A.J. was immediately prepped for surgery.


A lawyer for A.J.’s family said they are both overwhelmed and thankful for everyone from the surgeons and hospital staff to the community that supported him.

“His surgeons came out, told us of this great news. Hugged the family, it was an emotion moment to see something that we all hoped and prayed for all along to see it actually come to fruition. It was really an overwhelming moment,” lawyer for the family Mawuli Davis said.

“They want to thank everyone that supported him, the community that rallied around him.”

A.J. received one kidney from a donor who had died. While the family won’t know whose kidney A.J. has until a year has passed, they are thankful for this person’s life.

“All they can say is thank you. Thank the family of the deceased person, thank God,” Davis said.
He called it a “Thanksgiving miracle.”

“They look forward to celebrating thanksgiving here in the hospital with him and his new kidney,” Davis said.

Davis said so far, the A.J. is showing signs of progress.

“The kidney is producing urine, so it’s working….the family just had an unbelievable feeling today of gratitude. It’s just been an overwhelming 24 hours for them.”

The family is also encouraging people who were passionate about A.J.’s cause to become donors themselves.

“Sign up to be donors so that another family can be blessed with the gift of life the way their son has been blessed on today,” Davis said.

Watch the report below.

God is good!