'Baby Boy' Cast Remembers John Singleton


As the world mourns the tremendous loss of John Singleton who passed away on Monday (April 29), the cast of his iconic 2001 film, Baby Boy, took to social media to remember the incomparable visionary.

Tyrese, Taraji P. Henson, Omar Gooding Jr., Snoop Dogg, and A.J. Johnson grieved, expressed their pain, remembered, paid tribute to and celebrated John in a way that truly showed how much he was loved, respected and appreciated.

Read a few of the posts below.


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Laying in bed, I’m confused my soul feels drained.. For the last 2 days I was in the presence of my HERO a man who literally changed my life and my families life forever.. Of ALL the people in the world he decided to believe in me?.. a young impressionable ghetto little black boy from Watts who had hopes and dreams praying everyday that God would figure out a way to get me out of the hood and see some shit… Like many of my nighas I grew up with I just didn’t wanna end up in jail, or dead.. I woke up after crying myself to sleep with a heavy heart, Yesterday I took a shower and while standing there.. Just started balling crying I got out of the shower and went back to lay down and the tears wouldn’t stop, I told my wife these exact words.. “Baby I know today is my last day in town and we made family plans but I need to get back to John and pray over him. I feel like tomorrow or next week might not be promised, I’m leaving to go back to London and I got this feeling deep in my chest, my heart is fluttering… And although I have complete faith in God and his miracles I feel like he might not be here when I get back”. Without even blinking my wife said ok let’s go. I went to see John and I as soon as I stepped off the elevator I was greeted and in the presence of SO much of John’s history. So many beautiful and warm souls people who I’ve known and grew to love over the last 27 years of knowing John we all went into every emotion imaginable, we cried, we were there reminiscing, laughing and storytelling. One things for sure, every story that was told all went back to us all saying JOHN built a TRIBE, a fraternity of lifetime of friends, colleagues and loyalty. And we all echoed HE PUT US ON!! Everyone that was in that room yesterday has known John all the way back to his first movie Boyz In The Hood to now.. I think we all felt like we needed to spend as much time as we could cause Ive learned after losing Paul and countless others.. it’s arrogant to think or believe that next seconds of life or next week is promised. I can’t believe I’m write these words….. Rest in Love, Rest in Power Rest in Gods glory… Your Baby Boy aka Baby Brother aka Jody for life!!

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My heart is broken!!! I am at a loss for words. Can’t stop crying. I WILL MISS YOU MY DEAR FRIEND JOHN SINGLETON!!! You gave me my first big break in #BabyBoy and again in #HustleandFlow you believed in me when Hollywood did not get me at all!!!Throughout my career when I needed advice it was YOU I called and you answered EACH AND EVERY TIME with sound advice. YOU NOTICED MY FUNNY AND COMEDIC TIMING LOOOONG BEFORE HOLLYWOOD CAUGHT ON and you named me Lucy (after Lucille Ball)!!! MY GOD!!! Up next for us was the Emmett Till story……………..I am just broken!!! God bless your mom and your beautiful babies and family. Praying for ALL of our strength as we try and move on without you. MY GOD MY GOD!!! #RIHJohnSingleton 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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When John asked me to do #BabyBoy John believed in what I could bring more than I did. He promised me that with what I had in my heart and soul matched with his guidance and direction, we would speak a love story-give permission to fall and get back up to single mothers around the world…these convos were captured 1st day of filming. I was scared-strong but insecure- confident but unknowing… and I remember he said “ good.. this is not AJ the Chem major from Spelman, she has no place here.. this is Juanita… she’s loving but scared. Smart but unsure… I said that’s me FOR REAL and I don’t think I can do this… he said “that’s EXACTLY why you’re playing her. “

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John told Ving and I that he wanted a real, raw, make you squirm kinda black love that had rarely if ever been on screen before. At first, I was shy- uncomfortable- intimidated by John’s vision- by Ving by the camera it was all new to me!!! John quickly said NOPE!! The audience MUST want to imitate this love! We MUST see- feel- want a love that helps us understand Juanita’s dilemma of who goes and who stays – lover or son. John said this MUST be the love of her life- a love that even Jody knows is different- a love with no boundaries. I had never heard of that before, so John made us feel safe and we all dug deep to create it… including “ circles” on Ving’s shoulders and the African hop squat, lovingly renamed “The Melvin” by you all.

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John Singleton is gone, but he will never be forgotten.

My sincerest prayers to his family and all who loved him.

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