Azealia wrote:

Kai Jacksons mom was on the internet tweeting for me. Which is why I went in. I knew it wasn’t a 14 year old on there.

I wanted to tell her mother that she’s doing the most to try and force this young girl out into the world by letting her wear weaves and take “sexy” Insta pics and that her daughter was probably going to end up becoming a thot.

The time should be spent trying to hone in on your daughter’s artistic skills rather than try and force this over sexualized image of a little girl onto the public.

She’s a LITTLE GIRL. You must teach your kids to stay in children’s places because people are crazy.

Me and women are crazy. A man may feel sexually attracted to your daughter and a woman might slap the sh*t out of your daughter.

Not that I would slap her. But I’m obviously one of the crazies.

Furthermore, Skai Jackson hasn’t even entered the real world yet, where real black women get vilified for being just that.

Real and black and woman.

And I felt since she’s a child she had no place in that argument.

Azealia has scrubbed her Twitter timeline – including the nasty tweets to and about Skai Jackson and her mother.

Your thoughts?

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