Mike Epps wife Mechelle Epps blindsided by divorce

Mechelle Epps Says She Was Blindsided By Mike Epps’ Divorce Filing

Many of us were shocked when we learned Mike Epps had filed for divorce after 10 years of marriage. But, no one was more shocked than his wife, Mechelle Epps.

Mike Epps Files For Divorce After 10 Years Of Marriage

TMZ caught up with her at the airport and she revealed she didn’t even know they were allegedly separated since last summer.

It was shocking to me!

I didn’t know we were separated since the summertime because we’ve been doing everything a married couple does up until January.

I think when I saw him walking through the streets of New York with a mysterious girl…that’s what did it.

Mechelle says their marital issues started before he hit up the chick on Twitter.

It started before then, but me being the loyal wife being by his side….it just kinda threw me for a loop.

It’s hard because every situation is different because you think you’re in a relationship and you’re being loyal to that person and you think that loyalty will always win.

But, people are people and sometimes fame gets to their head.

You just never know.

See the video clip below.




After filing for divorce, Mike took his daughters on a movie date.



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